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 | By Tim DeWitt, Lumen Christi High School President

The Heart of Catholic Education

Lumen Christi High School President Tim Dewitt Shares This Story:

Last week, a group of families came in to visit our school and discuss the possibility of Catholic education for their children.

Now, we don't greet new families in the library, or the cafeteria or the gym; we always start in our chapel. And our opening is with Christ. We let new families know we are going to follow Jesus Christ’s teachings as we begin and that everything that we do, and everything that we say, will always be in the presence of God and in the presence of Jesus Christ.  And that is always the conversation we will start with, with families and with students.

I think there's an interesting comment that it's really important.

When we talk to families, they will often say, “Well, your experiences are pretty much the same as I can get at Western or I can get over Jackson High or Northwest,” and so forth. And I say, “Let there be no mistake. We have teenage kids, they have teenage kids, and teenage kids do what they do. But what we do differently is how we solve problems. When we solve problems at Lumen Christi, we first and always will start in the presence of Christ. And you can't do that in a public school.”

And we will always bring Christ into the conversation. He will always be the centerpiece of that conversation about how we proceed and solve whatever problem might exist.

We're not going to solve the problem for Mom and Dad, we're not going to solve my problem. We're going to solve the problem for that child that's sitting there. And if you start there with God, with Christ as the centerpiece, that puts us miles ahead and allows us to solve problems in a very different way.

That's one of the great conversations we have with our parents. And believe me, I've been in that room. Parents will come in, they have a head of steam, and to be able to take the steam out of that and say, just for a moment, “Remember, Christ is with us. Remember that we're solving a problem for your child. And remember what we're trying to do here, that at the end of the day, what we really want is what you want for your daughter, your son, we want them to be with Jesus Christ for eternity.”

When you start that conversation, it’s going to be amazing. And it’s going to help build God’s kingdom.