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September 2021   Mitchell Helps People See God’s Creation
May 2021   “I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Something to Eat”
June 2021   ‘When All Seems Lost, Don’t Give Up’
June 2021   ‘I Was Afraid Riley’s Name Would Be Forgotten’
July August 2021   ‘I Love That My Life Is for Me to Contemplate the Face of Jesus in My Brothers and Sisters’
March 2021   Seminarians Prepare to Serve and Communicate the Love of Jesus
March 2021   Deployed for Mission Conference Empowers Parish Staff to Serve Parishioners and Form Disciples
March 2021   Senior Outreach Services at Catholic Charities Cares for the Whole Person
October 2020   ‘I Can’t Even Express What Catholic School Gave Me!’
October 2020   ‘Everyone Matters, and Everyone is Loved’
September 2020   ‘I Made a Vow to Make a Difference in People’s Lives’
July August 2020   Tory Has Patiently Waited to Say ‘I Do’ – at Her Baptism and Her Wedding
June 2020   Refugees From Myanmar Wait to Be Welcomed Into the Church
June 2020   ‘Spring is when you get to do the fun stuff’ Nora tries to be a light in the darkness
June 2020   No track meet, no senior awards ceremony But Fernando ‘puts it in God’s hands’
June 2020   Holy Moley! 1,000 Enchiladas
April 2020   After a Called and Gifted workshop, Katrina uses her gifts ‘to bring Christ more fully into the world’
March 2020   For three generations of the Randolph family Fathers are an ‘immeasurable gift’
December 2019   After escaping from terror in Africa, Balthazar says ‘Life is easy if you put it in God’s hands'
December 2019   As a spiritual director, Louise’s wish is ‘for other people to know the Lord'
November 2019   With her American Heritage Girls troop, Amy is ‘Empowering girls to find out who they are as daughters of God’
September 2019   Meet Father John Whitlock, new director of vocations for the Diocese of Lansing
September 2019   Studying theology is not just for priests
November 2018   How a Women's Conference Changed Becky's Life for Good
September 2018   Every holy family looks different
July August 2018   2018 Ordination: Father John Machiorlatti
June 2018   ‘Just go for it’ Why Morgan became Catholic
May 2018   'You could feel God in the air'
April 2018   When Jan came into the Church ‘A blanket of warmth’ came over her
April 2018   45 years a deacon
July August 2017   For Brig and Fran, Legatus is an opportunity to 'really listen to God's voice'
January February 2017   For Taylor, 'Evangelizing is a Relationship'
September 2015   Women can get 'depleted', the Women’s Conference fills you up
June 2015   Homelessness, jail and drugs
November 2014   When their son died suddenly, Ivy and Lisa called Catholic Cemeteries first
November 2014   Choosing LIFE, thanks to Tim and the Ultrasound Initiative
September 2014   “I felt so much closer to God” Karla’s experience at the Women’s Conference
July August 2014   Msgr. Vincent Howard - Still committed to ‘the most important work of my life'
June 2014   Kim and Dave are expecting a girl! Thanks to Creighton NFP
May 2014   Serving their Country, Serving God, Three Generations of a Military Family
April 2014   One Day in the convent, Celeste's life as a postulant
March 2014   Teresa's most important gift to herself for 30 years, A Women's Retreat
January February 2014   How the Catholic Men’s Conference changed life for Brian and Tim
December 2013   From Anglican priest to Catholic priest
November 2013   Why Liliane feeds the hungry in Adrian
October 2013   Finding a friend in God
September 2013   Jennys daughter was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting
June 2013   Deacon Ordinations
May 2013   Parenting tips from a priest and his wife - Father Steve and Cindy Anderson
March 2013   Father Mark Thelen - Legionary of Christ
January February 2013   Dr. Monica Miller fights for the rights of unborn babies
December 2012   Helping children in the courtroom, Judge Lisa Sullivan
November 2012   Married for life - Pat and Bob's secrets for a successful marriage
October 2012   Teen Essay Winner - Walking and Talking our Catholic faith
October 2012   Twins in life - twins in faith
September 2012   Life after being the bishop of Lansing
July August 2012   For Diocese of Lansing seminarians, Jane is a 'second mom'