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Discussion Guide for October

Cover Story

  1. How did the mission trips help Brendan learn more about his faith?
  2. Have you ever been on or considered going on a mission trip? Read Matt 28:19-20.

Bayley Bauchan Feature

  1. What types of actions can you take to refresh your faith life?
  2. What does Scripture say about group prayer? Read Matt 18:19-20

Essay Winner

  1. What virtues can we foster in young people to help prepare them for a future vocation to marriage?
  2. How can we guide young people in the process of discernment, whether to married or religious life?

Jeff Corder Feature

  1. How did the Diocesan Youth Leadership Camp prepare Jeff for his future vocation?
  2. Has there been a youth minister in your life who has had an impact on your faith?

Saint of the Month

  1. What virtues do these two female Doctors of the Church share? How are they different?
  2. What does the Bible say about holiness? Read Heb 12:14.

Special Report

  1. Have you been following the World Meeting of Families? Have you learned anything new?
  2. What do you do to foster holiness in your family life?
  3. How is the Holy Family an example for today’s world?

LCHS Sisters Feature

  1. How do the sisters live out their vocations every day?
  2. What can we learn from the sisters’ practice of obedience?

Conflict Resolution  

  1. How often do we stop and think of the Golden Rule when facing conflict?
  2. What does Scripture say about one’s neighbor? Try Romans 15:2.

Marriage Matters

  1. What types of sacrifices have you had to make in your relationships?
  2. Have you ever made a list of what is important and what is not-so-important when faced with a difficult decision? If yes, did it help?


  1. What do you feel is the most important trait in a spouse?

    Parenting Journey

    1. What are ways your family can grow in communication?                 
    2. What does Scripture teach about siblings? Read Matt 5:23-24.

    Work Life

    1. How do you respond to a hard day at work?
    2. Have you considered taking your concerns to Jesus at the end of the day?


    1. We all know how difficult it is to forgive, are there people in your life whom you have not forgiven?

      Theology 101

      1. Were you aware of the elements required for a sacramental marriage?
      2. How is Jesus being in perfect communion with the Father correspond to communion between spouses?

      Spiritual Fitness

      1. Do you have a prayer routine, or do you make it a habit to set aside time daily to reflect on God’s Word?
      2. What tip did you find most applicable to your own life, and most helpful for your own meditation?

      Zach Pinder Feature

      1. Have you considered supporting the diocesan FAITH in Flint effort with mission work or other volunteer opportunities?
      2. How did giving time to God through mission work help Zach discern God’s will for him?