Discussion Guide September 2017

<h2>Parenting Journey</h2><p>What are some non-emotional and non-judgmental ways you can be the “pencil in God’s hand” while you speak to your children about faith in their moments of doubt?</p>
<h2>Marriage Matters</h2>
<p>How can you and your spouse find ways to appear as a “united front” to your children, despite conflicting work and travel schedules?</p>
<h2>Spiritual Fitness</h2>
<p>Has there been a specific time in your life when you consciously had to restrain from complaining about something, and instead sought out God’s help?</p>
<h2>Theology 101</h2>
<p>Do you ever struggle to “hear” God’s voice in prayer? How can you go about seeking the inner silence to which Mother Teresa refers?</p>
<h2>Cover story</h2>
<p>Have you ever been surprised by the power of a prayer or discipleship group? Have you felt your faith strengthened? Have you felt closer to God?</p>
<h2>Feature: Ethan Ruhland</h2>
<p>In what ways does your faith help to strengthen your professional life and guide your career?</p>