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Discussion Guide September 2017

Parenting Journey

What are some non-emotional and non-judgmental ways you can be the “pencil in God’s hand” while you speak to your children about faith in their moments of doubt?

Marriage Matters

How can you and your spouse find ways to appear as a “united front” to your children, despite conflicting work and travel schedules?

Spiritual Fitness

Has there been a specific time in your life when you consciously had to restrain from complaining about something, and instead sought out God’s help?

Theology 101

Do you ever struggle to “hear” God’s voice in prayer? How can you go about seeking the inner silence to which Mother Teresa refers?

Cover story

Have you ever been surprised by the power of a prayer or discipleship group? Have you felt your faith strengthened? Have you felt closer to God?

Feature: Ethan Ruhland

In what ways does your faith help to strengthen your professional life and guide your career?