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Discussion Guide for May 2017

Parenting Journey

Why is your faith important to you? Think about what events or situations in your life prompted you to value your faith as you do.

Have you ever shared your faith story with your son/daughter?

Spiritual Fitness

What scripture readings, activities, prayers or devotions renew your sense of joy about your faith?

How can you include these in your daily or weekly routine to keep your joyfulness fresh?

Cover story

Talk about how your faith and your prayer life have sustained you through difficult times.

Feature: Tyler Arens

Do you think you can spend more time listening to God in your life, and making him a higher priority?

Feature: Jacob Kanclerz

How do you discern God’s call for your life? Prayer? Scripture? Spiritual reading?

What formal or informal groups could you participate in to help you become more intentional about discerning God’s plan for you?