Tuscan wine bottle centerpiece


(Original design by floral designer David Calcaterra of Thrifty Florist)

  • 3 empty wine bottles (with original labels)
  • Small dry foam floral cone
  • One bag of raffia
  • Small bag of Spanish moss
  • 3 medium to large sunflowers
  • 3-4 red gerbera daisies
  • 3-4 orange gerbera daisies
  • Extra filler flowers and greenery
  • Hot glue gun
  • Epoxy or glass cement (optional for adhering bottles)

This arrangement was originally designed using real, fresh cut flowers. But for this project, we are using artificial ones, so you can create an arrangement that will last for years. Should you choose real ones, substitute wet floral foam for dry and place in a small plastic bag. Also fill wine bottles with 2-3 inches of water.

Start by gluing the three bottles together (if you are using epoxy for this, you will have to allow 24 hours for bonding). Make sure floral foam cone fits between the necks of the bottles. You may have to trim it, so that the wider diameter of the cone just crests the openings of the wine bottles. Using a hot glue gun, quickly add a few dots of glue all over the floral foam cone. Wrap the entire cone with a layer of Spanish moss and gently place in between the necks of the wine bottles. Using more hot glue, reinforce the areas where the moss-covered foam and glass meet. Trim and place a sunflower in each wine bottle. Carefully place the red and orange gerbera daisies into the floral foam, followed by any additional flowers and greenery. Finish off by tying a bunch of raffia around the three bottles.