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 | Valerie Barnes

St. Thomas More School Weather Station: Churning up a Storm of Interest

Weather reporting is getting much more scientific for students at St. Thomas More, as the school’s weather station is up and running, and students are busy gathering data.

Students are always fascinated by the weather, and the new weather station has the added benefit of enhancing the school’s STEM curriculum. Monitoring and tracking weather patterns using a live weather station gives students first-hand experience with tools and helps them understand the reciprocal relationship between science and technology. It also allows them to participate in real-time data projects.

The St. Thomas More weather station continuously tracks temperatures, rainfall, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, sunrise/sunset, and much more! This data is important for the success of the school’s garden, care of fish and plants in the aquaponics environment, and first and foremost, student safety for recess and outdoor events.

While all grade levels use hands-on STEM activities to track, journal, and graph the weather, the fourth-grade class now has the opportunity to prepare and produce a weekly podcast. Each student records a weather fact or writes commentary they will share during the podcast. These budding meteorologists are eager to add Bible quotes, weather-related jokes and classical music pieces to each podcast, giving the data a personal touch.

What could make this even more exciting? Having your school pop up on the Davis Instruments WeatherLink App and shared with friends and family, near or far. Up-to-date weather information at their fingertips—right from the St. Thomas More parking lot.