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 | Mitchell Palmquist

Newport Rectory Shines after Complete Renovation

On June 26, the Community of St. Anthony gathered with Bishop Daly for a special event: the blessing of the historic rectory. The rectory has been part of the parish grounds for decades, and for decades it remained much the same. Parishioners, led by the Knights of Columbus, saw a need and offered their “time, talent and treasure” to renovate the rectory.

Father Vic Blazovich, pastor of St. Anthony, lives in one of the truly fine residences of any pastor in the diocese. Parishioners familiar with the historic nature of the home wanted the rectory to shine as one of “Newport’s classic residences”. They renewed every surface, including restoring the original hardwood floors, replaced siding, rewired, installed new energy efficient windows and a modern heating system. From top to bottom, the house stands as a testimony to the community’s hard work, and the love the parish has for its pastor (and future pastors)!