| By Dr. Gelasia Marquez

My neighbor took my dog to the pound

My dog got loose and my neighbor took it to the pound without calling me. Is there a way I can address this with him without escalating the conflict?

It’s easy to become overly emotional when we’re talking about our beloved pets. It’s natural that you’re upset – but let’s take a step back and do a few things before you talk to your neighbor.

  1. Assess what your role was in this – did you forget to close a gate? Did you inspect your fence for openings?
  2. Remember the Golden Rule – how would you feel if you found someone else’s dog rooting around in your yard?
  3. After you’ve considered the first two steps, take a deep breath before you talk with your neighbor. Start with an apology – you can never go wrong with “I’m sorry.” Ask how you can better deal with this situation if it arises in the future. If your neighbor knows you’re not being deliberately negligent, he may be more willing to give you a call before he takes your dog to doggie jail.