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Should my neighbors pay me for fixing their technology issues?

I work in information technology and I am always getting calls from neighbors in my apartment building to fix their wireless routers. How can I get them to understand that this is what I do for money? Shouldn’t they be offering to pay me?

These possible scenarios may be solutions to your questions:

You could exchange “favors.” For example, you know to how to fix the Internet, while your neighbors may know how to do plumbing work.

You could post your contact information and hourly fee in a common area – like the entrance of the building or the laundry room. Your neighbors would understand that your services are available for a fee.

Finally, when a neighbor knocks at your door or calls your home, you could express your availability, as well as your fee per hour and then your neighbor can decide if he or she will use your services.

According to 1Timothy 5:18, “A worker deserves his pay.” Your work has value. How you receive that value is your choice.

Dr. Gelasia Marquez is a psychologist and family counselor.