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 | Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

Giving thanks

The psalmist wrote, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His mercy endures forever.” (Ps 118:1) In this season of Thanksgiving, Catholic Charities gives thanks to the Lord for our generous Eastern Washington community.

And we give thanks to you for your donations, volunteerism, and prayers, which have allowed Catholic Charities to help clients, whether they need crisis response, housing and stability, or advocacy.

You have helped Catholic Charities show God’s mercy to clients in crisis. When windstorms and wildfires destroy homes, Catholic Charities arrives with relief and long-term financial support. When single mothers receive cancer diagnoses and have to choose between paying hospital or light bills, we cover utilities. When families are evicted and have nowhere for their children to sleep, we welcome them at St. Margaret’s Shelter.

One mother gave thanks to St. Margaret’s Shelter for helping her family get back on their feet. “It’s so much easier getting a full night’s rest, getting our son on a schedule so we can get our stuff done,” she said.

God’s mercy endures forever, so we are grateful that you help our clients develop stability. For children, stability might mean participating in our Food For All nutrition programs so they learn about healthy eating habits. For our elderly neighbors, stability can mean aging in place with help from Senior Services.

For Kirk, a retired cook, stability means an apartment at The Delaney. He moved in as his brother was dying after a long illness. The friends he has made filled his life with fellowship again, and he knows it is only possible with your help.

“I know people in Spokane are good about helping,” Kirk said.

Clients who have stability can build strong futures through Catholic Charities’ advocacy services. Catholic Charities advocates for children by providing high-quality early child education at St. Anne’s Children & Family Center. We help immigrants achieve liberty by accessing low-cost immigration legal services. We help people living with mental illness find peace through counseling.

A mother who graduated from the Rising Strong program built her family’s future through many Catholic Charities programs, including Food For All, Counseling and CAPA/PREPARES.

“Thank you to the people who fund Catholic Charities,” she said. “I feel like I can rely on myself more than I used to.”

Thank you for your donations, volunteerism and support, and thanks be to God for our Eastern Washington community!