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Diocesan Catholic Schools Reopening Touted as Success

Staff Reports

On Nov. 2, the Diocesan Office of Education reported that the reopening of parochial schools is on track, saying

“The schools within the Diocese of Spokane have instituted on-campus learning for various grade levels since the beginning of the school year.”

Social distancing, masks, and diligent cleaning all contribute to the school’s ability to bring students to campus. The education office said, “we are pleased with the continuous work of our dedicated administration, faculty, and staff. While our goal is to have all students phase into on-campus learning, the health and safety for all remains our top priority.”

The schools’ stringent reopening plans appear to be paying off, the education office reports the positive COVID case count in the schools is low. The education office reports that it is “receiving guidance from our Regional Health Districts when these cases present themselves. Based upon contact tracing, up to this point, all cases have been contracted outside of the school facilities. Our schools will continue to diligently monitor safety protocol and case levels while working on their efforts to phase in more students as the school year continues.”   

The Diocesan Office of Education's Full Statement can be found at