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CCEW Christmas Collection

Christmas is a time to celebrate blessings. We exchange gifts and reenact family traditions to express how our friends and loved ones have blessed our lives, and we attend Mass to remember how God blessed us by sending Jesus Christ to live among us.

For people who are struggling through difficult periods this year, Catholic Charities offers hope for a better future. Catholic Charities helps tens of thousands of clients in more than a dozen programs celebrate their blessings. They include families like Tiffany’s, who are healing from the trauma of substance use disorder and separation by the foster care system.

Growing up, Tiffany always thought drug use would be a part of her life. Her parents used drugs, and, by the time she was 21, she was arrested for possession. Eventually, she was court-ordered to participate in the Rising Strong program to treat her substance use disorder and close her Child Protective Services case.

“I thought I was born to be an addict,” Tiffany said, but Rising Strong helped her begin to live a sober life and focus on her two daughters.

“This place has been such a blessing,” she said. Her family was referred to counseling, and Rising Strong helped her establish regular bedtimes and family meal times. Her daughters responded with resilience.

“My kids are amazing,” she said. “They make me so proud.”

Through counseling, Tiffany has begun to heal her childhood trauma. It has also taught her to manage her emotions through mindfulness.

“Coping skills come naturally now,” Tiffany said. Rising Strong has not just supported Tiffany in her recovery; it has helped her lead a full, new life.

“There’s so much more to life when you’re sober,” she said. She celebrated Mother’s Day with her daughters by attending an outdoor movie with popcorn and root beer floats. She is filled with joy when her girls play soccer with their friends. And, just in time for the holiday baking season, she has taught her daughters how to make cookies.

Tiffany looks forward to graduating from the program in April. She dreams of opening a recovery bakery where she can share the lessons Rising Strong has taught her.

As you celebrate with your family this Christmas, you can bless families like Tiffany’s by participating in the Catholic Charities Christmas Collection at Merry Christmas, and may you feel the love and presence of Christ in this holy season!