What is Jesus asking you to do?

What is Jesus asking you to do?

His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5)

I CAN’T COUNT THE TIMES from my childhood my mom ended a debate with the words, “Do it because I said so!” When she launched that phrase from her lips, discussion stopped; it was a done deal. What I didn’t realize at the time was that those words weren’t about control. Instead, they were loving redirection from a problem ahead.

When Mary spoke her words of command to the servers at the wedding, it wasn’t about control. Her words offered redirection from a problem, and they were an invitation to the servers to be a part of something amazing that was about to happen. Mama Mary knew great things were about to begin with her Son, and she was inspired that night when she spoke those simple, powerful words. Those words guided the servants to Jesus – who was, and is, the answer to any problem or difficulty we face in life.

We are the servers; we are those called to be Christ’s hands and feet on earth. We are called to live and spread the Gospel message so Mary’s words are as relevant to us today as they were to the servers in Cana the night Jesus performed his first miracle. My mom told me to “do what she said” because she knew there was more to the situation than I could see. Mary knew that, too. Mary knows that still. Whenever we hear the words in this Gospel message, we should be reminded to “do whatever he tells us.” That really is our job ... to do whatever he tells us. Jesus has the perfect will for our life sealed in his heart, so why wouldn’t we listen and obey? We are a stubborn people and when our way fails, we are lovingly re-directed by Mary's words. Thanks to God’s great love and mercy, we are invited back again and again to try to do it the right way – the way he tells us.


Take a few prayerful minutes and recall a situation where you didn’t “do whatever he said.” Think about the outcome of that situation, and then pick one tricky or difficult area in your life and specifically ask God to help you “do whatever he tells you.”


God is full of surprises. We set limits and think in categories, while God acts in amazing, fascinating and surprising ways. Choose three of your favorite Gospel miracle stories and study them, looking for the surprise and genius of God’s love.


What is Jesus telling you to do? As we enter this Year of Prayer to Form Missionary Disciples, recite the diocesan prayer daily and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what Jesus is asking you to do. SERVE: The servants were the eyewitnesses to Jesus’ first miracle, and they were the ones Mary guided to help her son. If we are the servants in today’s Gospel stories, how are we heeding Jesus’ call to serve and not be served? Keep a tally for a week of the number of times you are served and the number of times you serve others. God’s great work happens at the hands of his servants; what are you helping him do today?