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 | By Cynthia Kaan

What do you do when you have outgrown your friends?

Social media can be a wonderful tool – until it begins to feel like a tether. When high school friendships are no longer up to date, but you are friends on Facebook, here are a few suggestions on how to put a little distance where needed when you come home to visit.

1. Pray about your role in the relationship(s). Remember, we are called to be God’s instruments. He may be placing you in their life for a reason. Be open to God’s will.

2. Be honest. If you are OK with an occasional catch-up over coffee, be honest about having limited time when you’re visiting home. Let them know that visits every time just aren’t feasible.

3. If you decide you are ready to terminate the relationship, let them know you love being in the loop online, but life is keeping you pretty busy right now. Suggest staying in touch on Facebook for a while until your time is more flexible. A natural distancing typically occurs over time.

Keep in mind:

All friendships aren’t meant to benefit us – sometimes we are called to bless others by giving of our time and providing a listening ear. Loving as God loves us requires us to evaluate our expectations of others and acknowledge God’s nudge when it is there.