Pope’s Prayer Intentions

JULY: Social friendship

We pray that, in social, economic and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship.

AUGUST: The Church

Let us pray for the Church, that She may receive from the Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.

@Pontifex June 3, 2021

“The Eucharist, source of love for the life of the Church, is the school of charity and solidarity. Those who are nourished by the Bread of Christ cannot remain indifferent to those who do not have their daily bread.”

Pope Francis to Catholic Scouts:


Pope Francis spoke recently to members of the French Scouts Unitaires who were in Rome celebrating the 50th anniversary of their association. The pope told the group: "In society, we find all too often a degradation of human relations and a lack of trustworthy models for young people in search of formation." He went on to say, “your Scout movement is a sign of encouragement to young people because it invites them to dream and to act, to have the courage to look to the future with hope." With their willingness to serve their neighbors, Scouts are also called to work for a more "outgoing" Church and for a more human world, he said.

Pope Francis establishes lay ministry of catechist

In issuing the apostolic letter Antiquum Ministerium establishing the lay ministry of catechist in May, Pope Francis cited the importance catechists have played in evangelizing throughout history. “The service of catechesis may be traced back to those ‘teachers’ mentioned by the Apostle [Paul] in writing to the community of Corinth: ‘Some people God has designated in the Church to be, first, apostles; second, prophets; third, teachers.’” (1 Cor 12:28) He recalled the Second Vatican Council’s emphasis on involving the lay faithful in the work of evangelization. “When there are so few clerics to evangelize such great multitudes and to carry out the pastoral ministry, the role of catechists is of the highest importance.”