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 | By Cynthia Kaan

My parents and I disagree about my college major

When you and your parents disagree about what you should study in college (and they are helping to pay for it), both sides need to make a conscious effort to be respectful and truly listen to the other. Consider this:

Be respectful. As parents, it is in the job description to care about the future of their children – to do everything they can to help you become successful. Realize their desires and concerns are rooted in the great love they have for you.

Know the why. Don’t just talk about what you want to major in or what you want to do – explain the why. Have you been praying about your decisions and this is where God has led you? What career do you see yourself having and how will this major help get you there? To what is God calling you?

Consider alternatives. Have you prayerfully discerned a religious vocation? Sometimes disagreements have a bigger purpose. Is God using your parents’ discontentment with your choices to point you in his direction? Pray together, and on your own, about God’s will for you.

Be receptive. Discuss ways you can explore both options. Can you job shadow or interview someone who is doing similar work? Find ways you can tangibly see what a future in either career looks like, and ask God to speak to you in those experiences and conversations.

If you keep God at the core of your purpose, he will show you the way and your parents will see his work in you.