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By Jim Berlucchi

My co-worker is interested in Catholicism

Q: One of my co-workers has indicated some interest in Catholicism. How can I evangelize him without violating my company’s no-proselytizing rule?

A: Well it doesn’t sound like you’re exactly Bible thumping and altar calling from your desktop.

What is the purpose of the no-proselytizing policy? I assume that the goal is to ensure a professional atmosphere free from the distraction and divisiveness that proselytizing can generate.

Are you preaching or is he just reaching? I get the impression that he’s taking the initiative and you simply want to respond. That’s an entirely different dynamic, so I would think you’re well within the bounds of company protocol. Moreover, it seems like he’s seen in you something that prompted him to raise the issue. Apparently your faith is evident and attractive.

However, since it’s obviously a sensitive issue in your company, be circumspect in responding. It would be wise to keep the conversation outside of your workplace and work hours. Continue to develop a friendship with your colleague, and tactfully explore his interest in the faith. It wouldn’t hurt to mention your concern about company policy. You want to make sure that he never feels pressured, or that your dialogue doesn’t cause some tension in your work relationship or the work environment.

Congratulations on your good witness in the workplace and your desire to share your faith. “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person.” (Col 4:6)