Monday Morning Alka-Seltzer - June 2013

June 25

God created you with an inner nature that is centered on your free will. You were created to decide, to be decisive, to freely choose to love Him and respond to His callings, callings to bring His way, His truth, and His life into your inner world and into the world around you. Therefore you and I are constantly called to decide -- to decide to act not on emotions and feelings but rather on our convictions.

What influences my decisions the most, feelings or convictions? Urges or decisions to choose what God wants me to choose?

June 17

As a Church we are too “self-referential,” concerned about this, that, or the other of our programs. And who comes to them? We cannot afford anymore to simply open the doors of our churches and expect people to come to us. The reality is that they simply don’t care. They’re not interested.

Why are those “others” no longer interested? That’s the question we much deal with…and we aren’t. Moreover our actions speak louder than our words. Smugly telling others that “we have the truth” is repellant to them.

By the grace of God Pope Francis is calling us to think and act differently. Will we? Or will we be self-satisfied and content in thinking we have all the answers, continue to shrink… and not change our attitude and our ways?

June 10

Throughout today and the other days of the week be sure to take some “mini-moments” when you allow yourself to be aware of God’s Presence within you and perhaps discern God’s workings in the events that surround you. In other words, allow your inner self to be refreshed in God’s loving presence within and around you. You will be happier if you do.

June 3

God has given you the gift of life this day.

What do you plan on doing with it and with all of the gifts that within it will come to you today?