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May Crowning at St. Mary School in Charlotte

To begin the special Marian month of May, many parishes and schools across the diocese hosted a May Crowning, in which a statue of the Virgin Mary is adorned with a floral crown, and other objects, to honor her as the “Queen of May.”At St. Mary School, the oldest girl enrolled at the school is paired with the youngest to place the flower crown.

“We are extremely lucky at St. Mary that Mary, our mother, is our patron and this is an awesome celebration for the kids at St. Mary's School,” said principal Mandy Wildern.

“Mary wholeheartedly, with everything she had, trusted God and I want these kids to understand that no matter where they are in life or what they are doing, God is right next to them, always, they can always trust, and they can always say 'yes' to his calling.”