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The Magnificent Seven

Congratulations to the seven Diocese of Lansing seminarians who were ordained as deacons by Bishop Earl Boyea on May 11, 2024, at Saint Thomas Aquinas parish in East Lansing. Next year, God willing, each of these young men will be ordained for the sacred priesthood. Here’s a profile of each of them:

Joshua Luttig

To diaconal ministry at Saint Patrick, Brighton

Embracing the call to ministry

Joshua Luttig, a devoted follower of the Catholic faith, can trace the beginnings of his spiritual journey and unwavering devotion to his formative years at Most Holy Trinity Parish in Fowler. Joshua experienced a profound spiritual awakening during high school that led him to enter seminary immediately after graduation.

Joshua delved deep into philosophy, Catholic studies and psychology, shaping his understanding of human nature and spirituality. However, Joshua's passion for ministry truly ignited within the vibrant atmosphere of his home parish's youth group. Given opportunities to lead and evangelize, Joshua experienced the humbling realization that he was a vessel through which the Lord sought to draw souls closer to himself.

As he prepares for his ordination, Joshua sees his life's purpose as a continual offering to God and others, embracing the promises of celibacy and obedience with profound reverence. His anticipation for serving at the altar as a deacon fills him with a sense of privilege, and he views each moment of the Mass as a sacred opportunity to assist in the divine work.

Yet, Joshua finds an avenue for spiritual fulfillment and obedience to Jesus' command to proclaim the Gospel in preaching. With each homily, he hopes to impart a glimpse of God's infinite love, embodying Christ's message of compassion and redemption.

In all humility, Joshua recognizes the immense responsibility of the vocation he has been called to, acknowledging his unworthiness and the necessity for continual self-abandonment. He earnestly seeks the prayers of his community as he embarks on this sacred journey, placing his trust in the Lord's guidance every step of the way.


Randy Koenigsknecht

To diaconal ministry at Saint Mary, Pinckney

Faithful from farm to parish

Fowler’s own Randy Koenigsknecht embodies the essence of the faith that is deeply rooted in the Diocese of Lansing. Raised on a dairy farm, Randy's upbringing instilled in him a profound trust in God's providence — a lesson he seamlessly applies to agriculture and parish ministry.

For Randy, tending to the farm taught him invaluable lessons about the synergy between human effort and divine intervention. Just as he meticulously prepares the land and sows seeds, he recognizes humanity’s ultimate dependence on God's grace for growth and fruition. This philosophy is the cornerstone of his approach to parish ministry, where he sees himself as a faithful steward entrusted with nurturing souls while trusting in God's sovereign care.

As Randy eagerly anticipates transitioning from seminary to parish ministry, he is driven by a deep desire to engage directly with the faithful. While seminary equips him with knowledge and skills, Randy views parish ministry as the culmination of his formation. In this space, theory meets practice, and he can authentically journey alongside people in their walks of faith.

Central to Randy's ministry ethos is the profound longing for others to encounter Jesus and cultivate a transformative relationship with him. He humbly acknowledges that his work's efficacy is rooted not in himself but in Jesus, whom he fervently seeks to channel as a conduit of grace.

As Randy Koenigsknecht embarks on the sacred journey toward priesthood, his unwavering trust in God's providence, coupled with his earnest desire to lead others to encounter Jesus, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Diocese of Lansing and beyond.


Daniel LaCroix

To diaconal ministry at Saint Mary Magdalen, Brighton

Focused on service

Hailing from Ypsilanti, Daniel LaCroix now stands at the threshold of a profound journey of faith, service, and unwavering commitment to the Church.  Daniel's path to the priesthood has been marked by five years of intensive formation, which have offered him invaluable insights and prepared him for a life dedicated to serving others.

Before answering the call to the priesthood, Daniel's academic pursuits led him down a different path to study engineering at Michigan Technological University. His time at the university equipped him with technical knowledge and provided him with valuable life experiences, fostering independence and resilience that would serve him well in seminary.

A gradual discernment process marked the transition from engineering to seminary, initiated midway through his undergraduate years. Without a singular epiphany, Daniel was drawn toward the priesthood through deepening involvement in the student parish and regular prayerful reflection. As graduation approached, he felt compelled to enter seminary, trusting God's guidance to clarify his calling.

Daniel eagerly anticipates the sacramental ministry that awaits him as a deacon, viewing it as an opportunity to be a conduit of God's grace during pivotal moments in people's lives. From baptisms to weddings, he sees himself as a facilitator of encounters with the divine, guiding others closer to God and the promise of eternal life.

In his pursuit of the priesthood, Daniel's ultimate desire is to lead others into deeper communion with God, recognizing it as the true purpose of human existence. He embraces the sacred responsibility entrusted to him with humility and unwavering dedication, poised to serve the Church and its faithful with love and compassion.


Brett Ivey

To diaconal ministry at Saint Joseph, Howell

Carrying out the work of Christ

Brett Ivey's journey to priesthood is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the providence of God, woven intricately through the fabric of his upbringing. Born near the Church of the Resurrection and later settling in Perry, Brett's found a spiritual home within the vibrant Work of Christ Community in East Lansing.

The seeds of Brett's vocation were sown in high school, when he experienced the personal call to discipleship. Despite the tug toward seminary, Brett felt drawn to the University of Michigan. While there, Brett encountered diverse souls thirsting for the Gospel, igniting a passion to share the universal longing for God's love.

With each step of his journey, Brett acknowledges God's providential presence, which guides him toward a deeper surrender to his will. The realization of God's boundless love and his desire to use Brett as his instrument of love fuels his desire to serve as a minister of the Church, mainly through the call to diaconate ministry.

Among the influential books that have shaped his spiritual journey, Ralph Martin's The Fulfillment of All Desire holds a special place in Brett's heart. Through its synthesis of the teachings of the spiritual doctors of the Church, the book provided clarity and hope during Brett's conversion in high school and served as a guiding light on his path of faith.

Now, with humility and joy, Brett eagerly anticipates the privilege of serving as a conduit of God's love, trusting in his providence to guide him every step of the way.


Jack Jobst

To diaconal ministry at Saint Martha, Okemos

Ready to share his gifts

Born in Illinois, Jack moved to the Diocese of Lansing at age six. Now, as a dedicated seminarian, he stands at the threshold of a profound vocation, poised to serve the Church as he continues his journey toward the priesthood.

Jobst’s journey to this calling has been shaped by the nurturing embrace of his community and the profound influence of mentors who illuminated his path of faith. From his formative years in middle and high school to his time in seminary, Jobst has been steadfast in his commitment to sharing the transformative power of God’s love.

Motivated to share the gifts he has received, particularly through the sacraments and Gospel, Jobst is eager to walk alongside others in their joys and sorrows. His passion lies in witnessing the sacramental moments of baptisms and marriages, where he sees himself as a conduit of Christ’s grace.

As he embarks on this new chapter, Jobst’s excitement is palpable, especially regarding the public role of preaching (although he does confess to a few nerves). Yet, it is precisely in this space that he sees the potential to illuminate the universal truths of faith in a personal and relatable manner.

Above all, Jobst hopes to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those he serves by imparting a sense of God’s unwavering love and presence. Through his ministry, he seeks to offer solace, guidance, and a glimpse of the divine to all who cross his path. In Jack Jobst, the Diocese of Lansing finds a dedicated servant and a beacon of faith, ready to illuminate the hearts of many with the light of Christ.


Christian Salata

To diaconal ministry at Saint Andrew, Saline

Attuned to God’s Call

Christian Salata, a 29-year-old seminarian hailing from Christ the King Catholic parish in Ann Arbor, is currently pursuing his vocation at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. His journey towards priesthood is marked by a series of profound encounters with the divine, shaped by the persistent call of the Holy Spirit.

Christian’s vocation story traces back to his formative years at Spiritual Sonship Academy in Ann Arbor, where the daily rhythms of Mass and prayer nurtured a deepening relationship with God. It was during this time that he first sensed the stirrings of a call to something greater, a call that would later crystallize upon witnessing the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Though life’s journey led him through the ebb and flow of faith, Christian remained attuned to the persistent tug of God’s call. It was a pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi that ignited a renewed sense of purpose, as he beheld the vibrant tapestry of the Church and the sacrificial witness of saints like Peter and Paul.

Inspired by their example, Christian embarked on a journey of discernment, culminating in his decision to apply for seminary formation. Now, as he immerses himself in the rich tradition of theological study and communal life, Christian’s dedication to prayer, fellowship, and spiritual growth serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to answering the call to priesthood. 


Jon Bokuniewicz

To diaconal ministry at Saint John the Baptist, Ypsilanti

Joyful surrender

Growing up in the tight-knit community of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Howell, Jon’s spiritual foundation was firmly rooted in his family’s embrace, which nurtured his vocation from an early age.

Jon’s path to the priesthood began right after graduating high school in 2017. Enrolling at St. John Vianney College Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, he dedicated four years to undergraduate studies before transitioning to Sacred Heart Major Seminary in 2021. Despite lacking a previous profession, Jonathon’s unwavering commitment to his calling propelled him forward, guided by the examples set forth by the priests who had become his mentors and friends.

The heart of Jon’s ministry lies in radical availability. He hopes to serve the people of God in whatever capacity he is called. The prospect of assisting at Mass as a deacon and proclaiming the Gospel fills him with excitement, as he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to enter the life of a parish community and faithfully serve its members.

In part, Jon’s spiritual journey has been inspired by Raymond Arroyo’s biography of Mother Angelica. Inspired by her unwavering faith and trust in God’s providence, he is drawn to emulate her example of radical surrender and dependence on God’s grace.

As Jon prepares for his ordination as a deacon and continues toward the priesthood, his steadfast commitment to serving God’s people with joy and humility is a beacon of hope and inspiration. With each step forward, he eagerly awaits the great work the Lord will accomplish in and through him, trusting in his providential care with every step.