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 | By Cynthia Kaan

Keeping Your Online Presence Positive

For many of us, social media is a huge part of our lives. It seems like new platforms are popping up all the time, and we may feel pressure to participate. But how do we make sure our online presence is positive?

Keep it real. Take some time to review what your typical week of sharing looks like. Are you posting only picture-perfect moments with the best hair in the best locations? If so, consider whether that is an accurate depiction of life. Could that be discouraging to those who are battling illness, loss or family issues? You don’t have to post intimate personal details, but occasionally showing a messy day/kitchen/little one just might provide encouragement to some.

Share your faith. Read something interesting about a saint’s feast day? Share! Discover a particularly inspiring quote or fact about the pro-life movement? Share! Watch a movie with your family that supports Catholic values? Share! Use your online voice to uplift our faith whenever possible. You never know whom it may impact.

Limit the negative. There is no shortage of bad news online, but avoid passing along the jaw-dropping, unbelievable stories with eye-popping headlines. These stories are often riddled with questionable information. Ask yourself if the content is true, relevant and uplifting before passing it along.

Pray for the guidance of Blessed Carlo Acutis, the Italian teenager. As he may be the future patron saint of the internet, his intercession could provide incredible inspiration.

We are all called to reflect the light of Christ in our words and actions. Be sure that instruction stretches to your online presence, and let the light of the Son shine through.