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 | By Jim Berlucchi

I Want to Vent About My Job on Facebook


I am having a bit of a hard time at work, and I want to chat about it with my Facebook friends. How much sharing about the job is too much?

What are you looking for?

If you want advice, seek wise counsel. If you want to be more effective in your work, seek improvement. If you want encouragement, meditate on God’s promises and provision.

But just chatting about your work challenges with your Facebook friends? It might give you some relief but won’t solve anything. More likely, it will be an easy outlet for complaining or self-pity, neither of which will make you happier or advance your career.

And why publicize your work struggles in a forum that is fairly open? Don’t put anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want your co-workers or boss to hear, because there’s no lock-proof guarantee that they won’t. Don’t be an open book on Facebook and later have to save face. Discretion and good judgment not only make for human flourishing – they also enhance career success.