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I don’t have the tools and materials I need to get my work done

I don’t have the tools I need to get my work done. Nor can I meet my deadlines. My computer is extremely slow, and I don’t get the materials I need in a timely fashion to produce results.

Tools and time. Reminds me of tool-time and the old sitcom Home Improvement. These are two simple problems. I presume you’ve posed them to the main problem-solver – your boss? Here are three possible responses to you telling your boss exactly what you’ve written above:

Boss from heaven

Boss: These are real problems. How much will a new PC cost and when is your materials deadline?

You: A PC upgrade costs $ ____, and I need materials ____days in advance.

Boss: OK. I’ll authorize the upgrade and meet your materials deadline. Can you give me two weeks?

You: I love you boss-man. You must read FAITH magazine.

Boss: Religiously.

Boss from purgatory

Boss: Sorry. We can’t afford a PC upgrade and I have no control over the materials schedule.

You: Sorry to hear that. I’ll continue to do my best and hope you’re OK with subpar and late results.

Boss: I appreciate your efforts and attitude. Neither go unnoticed. You’ll be rewarded down the road.

Boss from – you know – that other place

Boss: I don’t have the resources I need either. Quit griping or just quit.

You: Amen to both!

Boss: Good riddance.

You must already have a pretty good clue about what kind of boss you have. So proceed with intelligence, realism and preparedness. And I admit it: The three boss designations are theologically shaky.