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 | By Fr. Bill Ashbaugh

How to Recommit to God and Each Other

For our Spiritual Fitness this issue, I would like to offer a number of ways we can renew our commitment to God and one another.

1  Morning self-offering

When you wake up, thank God for the day and offer yourself and the day to Him. Pray: “Thank you God for this day. I am your servant Lord. I offer myself to you and all that this day holds. Help me to be your faithful servant, Lord. Amen.”

2  Renew your commitments in the context of Mass

At Mass, think of all of your life commitments and then renew them by an act of your will. Put yourself on the altar with the bread and wine and offer yourself – your voice, your attention, your praise and your thanks to God. Offering one’s whole self to God is never easy. One of the beautiful prayers that I know some priests say is: “Lord, may I celebrate this Eucharist in union with you, as though it were my first Eucharist, my only Eucharist, my last Eucharist.”

3  Face to face renewal of a commitment

If you have made a commitment to someone, go to them and tell them face to face that you renew your commitment to them. If married, plan with your spouse to renew your marriage vows on your anniversary day. Many married couples I know do so in the context of Mass where they can pledge their love to each other, and then receive Jesus in Holy Communion as a reminder that the love and life they share comes from Him.

4  Recommit your life to God right now

Say the following prayer:

“Father in heaven, you have created me. I am nothing without you. I thank you for everything in my life. I thank you for Jesus. Jesus, I want to be closer to you. With the help of your grace, I commit myself to you and your care. Take me Lord, and hide me in your wounds. Breathe into me your breath of life. Breathe your Holy Spirit into me, so that I may live and be all yours. Take out my stony heart, and give me a heart of flesh. Renew in me a steadfast spirit and sustain me. Keep me along your paths and do not let me go astray. Give me a determination of spirit to keep my promises to you and to everyone that I have made special commitments to in my life. Amen.”