How Do I Deal With People Who Don’t Like Me?

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize someone doesn’t like you? It’s normal. You’ll hear people say, “You can’t be liked by everyone,” and that’s true, but it doesn’t make it feel any better when it’s happening to you.

So how do you deal with it?

First, ask yourself honestly if you like everybody you know. Like every. single. person. Probably not. And it’s likely that it’s not because that person is bad or mean. The reason you don’t get along is because you have different values, or customs, or educational background – and that difference creates the like/dislike judgment. If you can remember this, you can view a person who doesn’t like you a little less emotionally. It really isn’t you – it’s just the differences between you!

Second, you can’t control someone else – you can only control you. One of the hardest things you can do is to be kind to someone who’s unkind to you. But you know what? This defines you as a person of character. If you have a minute, read Psalm 103:8-14 – it shows us that the kindness we see in God is what we are to show to each other.

You may not be liked by everyone, but you are loved by someone. No matter what, God loves you for you – exactly the way you are. Nothing is better than that!