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How can you bring someone back to Church?

Pray, Witness, Invite, Accompany

Approximately 1,800 people gathered at the Summit on Oct. 21-22 for the Called by Name Assembly, hosted by the Diocese of Lansing. The focus of the assembly was on creating a plan for bringing someone you love back to church. Many participants said the presence of the Holy Spirit was perceptible to them. Photography by Don Quillan

The diocesan assembly ‘rocked’! The Holy Spirit was moving among us in power! How awesome! Now it’s up to the pastors, parishes and individuals to follow the Spirit and act with courage. Can’t wait to get started! Let’s get out there and save some souls!” – Deacon Jim

I am ready ... we left with fire in our hearts, and determination to follow through in what we are called to do. Every speaker gave us tools for reaching out to others.” – Laura