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 | Cynthia Kaan

Embrace your Catholic values in online dating

Is the “perfect” love story the one that begins with the chance meeting in the coziest of coffee shops, and moves perfectly through conversations with strategically and respectfully placed flirtations that lead to “happily ever after”? Not at all. How are you supposed to meet “the One” in an era that keeps our eyes on our phones and our thoughts on everybody and everything except what’s in front of us? Why not try an online dating site? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Be smart. Don’t give out personal identifying information. Be open without giving away your address and phone number – even a fact like your employer shouldn’t be shared until you’ve actually met.

Be realistic. It’s easy to fall for the idea of who someone might be when you aren’t face-to-face. Just like you would if someone walked up to you in a coffee shop, protect your emotions and your heart before you leap into all the incredible scenarios of how perfect your life would be together.

Be honest. Use a site like that gives you a personality inventory about things that really matter to you. Be real with yourself. If you really want someone who enjoys going to Mass daily or who loves to be involved with their family, put it out there.

Pray. Put it all in God’s hands. Pray for your future spouse and ask God to give you eyes to see who he provides for you.

In the end, it’s all in God’s time. Relax and work on getting to know yourself and strengthening your relationship with Christ. He will provide. He always does.