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Develop a ‘Drip’ Mentality: St. Isidore of Seville

Feast Day: April 4

St. Isidore of Seville (560-636) is the Doctor of Education. He is known as the schoolmaster of the Middle Ages. He was the archbishop of Seville for more than 30 years, and is honored by Spain as a preserver of the Catholic faith. 

However, none of these accomplishments was necessarily foreseeable when Isidore was young. His older brother, Leander, had charge of Isidore’s education, and Isidore could never please him. 

He was sitting near a rock one day when he noticed water dripping onto it. The drops carried no force and did not seem to affect the stone at all. However, upon closer examination, Isidore realized that the drops had, in fact worn holes into the rock over time. 

He resolved right then and there to keep working at his studies, with the confidence that his many small efforts would someday pay off in learning. It obviously did, as Isidore eventually became known as the greatest teacher in Spain.

Along the path to holiness, we too can experience challenges and obstacles. When we suffer a setback spiritually, the temptation to quit can be very strong. Then there is the desire to do something great – something big. When being famous or well-known seemingly carries such value, it can be hard to perform the small, anonymous acts of holiness upon which the essential virtue of humility is constructed. 

To combat such dominant cultural forces, we would do well to develop a “drip” mentality – patiently showing up, persevering and doing the “work,” trusting that the Holy Spirit will ceaselessly “drip” onto our hearts of stone and transform them, slowly, quietly and without notice, into hearts of holiness.