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Christian Family Movement

The Office of Hispanic Ministry of the Diocese of Lansing, with the authorization of Bishop Earl Boyea, has entered into an agreement to begin the Christian Family Movement (CFM) for the Hispanic population of the Diocese. We want to invite all Hispanics of the Diocese who are interested in belonging to the Movement to be encouraged to create work teams where they can reflect and share topics that are of great benefit and help to families.

What is CFM?

The Christian Family Movement is a lay Catholic movement of the People of God that brings together Catholic families, supported with the assistance of bishops, priests, deacons and religious.

The Movement is a group of Catholic families that unite their efforts to promote the human and Christian values of the family, so that in the community is the training (formation) of people and educators in the faith, consistent with the evangelizing mission and committed to the integral development of the community and of the Domestic Church.

• On an international scale, the Movement is part of the International Confederation of Christian Family Movements (ICCFM).

• On a national scale, it is advised spiritually by a bishop who represents the CFM before the United States Episcopal Conference.

• At the national level and in each Federation, there is a Spiritual Advisor approved by the Bishop of the Diocese. There are also Spiritual Advisors in the Federations and Zones, who assist invaluably in the spiritual aspect for leaders and members in general.

• In the United States, the CFM is duly registered and recognized before civil laws as a Non-Profit Organization.


The objectives of the CFM are to make Hispanic families in the USA be:

• Trainers of people,

• Educators in the faith,

• Promoters of the integral development of the community and of the Domestic Church.


The CFM operates on a conjugal, family and community scale, promoting family values typical of Hispanic culture, valid at the current time which is enriched by integrating with other family traditions in the United States of America.


Those interested in belonging to this Movement please contact:

Susana Chapa Vargas, Coordinator, Hispanic Ministry of the Diocese of Lansing at (517)342-2520, or send an email to;

Or with the marriage presidents of the Christian Family Movement of the Diocese:

David and Dania Perla, at: (517)249-0789 or at (517)249-7999, or send an email to:, or to

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