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Catholic Schools Week 2020

Jan. 26 – Feb. 1



K – 12 students


Pre-K students




Student-to-teacher ratio



primary/middle schools


high schools


new high school opening in 2020


• All Saints Catholic School - Est. 1972

• Assumption Catholic School - Est. 1959

• Cataldo Catholic School - Est. 1915

• Chesterton Academy of Notre Dame - Est. 2019

• Gonzaga Preparatory School - Est. 1887

• St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School - Est. 1916

• St. Charles Catholic School - Est. 1950

• St. John Vianney Catholic School - Est. 1953

• St. Mary Catholic School -  Est. 1960

• St. Thomas More Catholic School - Est. 1962

• Trinity Catholic School - Est. 1905


• Guardian Angel/St. Boniface Catholic School - Est. 1893


• Holy Family Catholic School - Est. 1921

Walla Walla

• Assumption Catholic School - Est. 1955

• DeSales Catholic High School - Est. 1959


• St. Patrick Catholic School - Est. 1951

• Tri-Cities Prep Catholic High School - Est. 1998

Catholic Schools Collection

The Diocese of Spokane takes up a collection during Catholic Schools Week to provide all parishioners the opportunity to support Catholic education in the Diocese of Spokane. Every parish, whether it hosts a school or not, is touched by Catholic education. From priests, to lay volunteers and parishioners, many are alumni of Catholic schools and bring that formation with them in the parish setting. Catholic schools are a force for good. Your support can help the schools continue to strengthen and even grow. So many young people choose to leave the faith during their formative years. Some statistics show that 80% of those who will leave the faith will do so before the age of 23, many leaving in high school and even younger. Our Catholic schools remain a force for good in our communities. Catholic schools provide solid academics, form children to be community-minded, and build their faith life in a community that knows the importance of a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Catholic Schools are and have been for decades a place where the good news of Jesus Christ is taught, and young men and women are educated and formed in our Catholic faith. Support for the Catholic School Collection ensures this vital ministry continues.

This year’s collection will specifically support Catholic schools by providing funding for Catholic formation experiences in and beyond the classroom. By participating in the Catholic School Collection, you are helping our Catholic school students access retreats, supplemental faith resources, service opportunities, and religious items for their schools.