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 | By Emily Lenhard

Catholic and free at public university

Leaving home for college is a big step for Catholic families. Promote your independence and reassure your parents by being FREE:

Find community. One great part about college is choosing your own friends. Strategize by focusing on those who share your desire to grow in Catholic faith. Having a support group is important when it comes to any lifestyle commitment. Locate a Catholic or Christian student group on campus to meet and socialize with. Find a friend with whom you can attend Mass regularly. 

Reconcile. It isn’t realistic for anyone to think you will attend college without regrets. But these mistakes are another opportunity for us to grow closer to God through the holy sacrament of reconciliation. Overcome your weaknesses and use them to grow and strengthen your relationship with him through confession and forgiveness.

Explore with God. College is all about learning, growing, and discerning your path. By exploring college life with God, you don’t have to limit yourself on new experiences. Keeping him close will allow you to discern the greatest experiences and assure that you haven’t missed anything valuable

Evolve. Ultimately, we go to college to advance. We want to master our skills and prepare ourselves for what comes next, be it career, more schooling, military, or something else. Our goals are an important component of how God will shape us as unique Catholics. By keeping God at the center of our hearts, we can succeed with Him as the driving force.

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