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 | By Emma Vinton

5 Tips for Discerning God's Will

Whether it is discerning between married or religious life, a career or school, discernment isn't easy, but it isn't impossible either. God is the Master of details, and he desires to lead us along the path that is right for us. Here are a few tips to help you along the path of discernment: 


Pray often to know God's will, ask him exactly what he wants for your life, and pray to align your will with his. Pray for those who may be part of your decision - such as a potential spouse, friends and family. Offer God your options, whether it is a relationship, religious life, a career or school. Participate in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist and reconciliation.

Use your talents

God wants you to use your talents and to do what you love. Recognize your strengths, and discern how you can best use them to do God's will. God guides us to him through our gifts and loves.


Ask advice of parents, friends and spiritual advisors. Those who know you and your strengths and weaknesses can often recognize your gifts and offer wise counsel as to how to use them.


God wants us to seek and find his plan for our lives. If we strive to do his will, he will show us the way. God does not want to trick us, but awaits us with open arms. Be persistent. 


In order to listen to God's voice, we often need silence and freedom from distractions of technology. Take time each day to unplug from computers, phones and television. Meditation on God's word in prayerful silence will enable us to hear him when he speaks.