Broken Toilets and Issues of Faith

A little while ago, a friend of mine told me a story he heard about a guy trying to get rid of an old toilet. You know, getting rid of an old toilet isn’t simply a matter of putting it out to the road. The guys who collect the garbage apparently don’t want THAT kind of trash in their truck. So, what do you do? He had a great idea. He went to the mall, got a box for a big screen television and put the toilet in the box. He put the box on the back of his truck and went into the mall for an hour or so. When he got back, it was gone. Cool stuff, television boxes.

Believe it or not, our faith can be the same way. It’s supposed to address every area of our lives but often we don’t know what to do with it. Instead, we package our faith as something it isn’t – like superstition, good feelings or habit. We package it as anything but what it is – an invitation from a loving God. What happens then?

Someone comes and steals it away and we think we have lost our faith. The good news is that God never loses faith in us and He constantly reaches out to us. He wants us with Him. It’s that simple. Let’s spend our lives responding to this call.

Enjoy another day in God’s presence.